About the ESRA Virtual Congress

The Virtual Format of this ESRA Meeting will encourage interactivity, framed by your input, commitment and pro–action. We have created a high–quality comprehensive scientific program, at the forefront of cutting–edge science, innovation, and evidence – based clinical practice, including stimulating lectures and other activities, lead by experts in the fields of Regional Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine, POCUS and Pain Therapy. Our efforts emphasize Continuous Medical Education and are focused on promoting and leveraging networking opportunities between speakers and the audience, which are considered of utmost importance.

The scientific standard of every ESRA Annual Congress is now recognized as one of the best in the world, presented by «world–renowned» speakers, and as a result carries a high rating with the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCMER). Similarly, next September, an enhanced world–class program will be delivered, in a virtual format, via a dedicated digital platform, built for learning, collaboration and networking between the faculty and the audience. In this context it will include:

  • Networking Parallel Sessions, with dedicated time not only to Lectures but also to Q&A as well
  • Panel Discussions on Hot Topics, with International Experts delivering talks and sharing science and experience
  • Interactive «Ask The Expert» Sessions, giving the possibility to the audience to access the latest research, discuss hottest findings and new ideas
  • Problem Based Learning Discussions (PBLD), that will facilitate an in – depth understanding and approach of topics of clinical debate
  • Pre – Recorded Live Demonstration Sessions on Basic and Advanced Regional Anaesthesia Techniques
  • Free Paper and E – Poster sessions. Residents and Young Physicians are invited and encouraged to submit their work for inclusion in the ESRA Residents’ Best Free Paper on Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy
  • Video Competition on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy topics


Major Officers (MOs)


Thomas Volk

Past President

Alain Delbos

General Secretary

Clara Lobo


Eleni Moka

Scientific Committee

Chair (Past President)
Alain Delbos


Vice-Chair (President)
Thomas Volk



  • José Aguirre
  • Eric Albrecht
  • Steve Coppens
  • Paul Kessler
  • Brian Kinirons
  • Andrzej Krol
  • Peter Merjavy
  • Eleni Moka

Main Reasons to Attend

The scientific program provides 2 days of accredited CME content of Regional Anaesthesia, Pain Therapy, POCUS and Perioperative Medicine with one preceding day, the «Open Forum Day», which will be free to everybody as an All – Round Approach to Clinicians.

As with any congress, there will be opportunities to exchange experiences and debate ideas! The presentation of research projects is an integral part of any Congress and will, of course, be a part of this ESRA virtual Congress. In this context, every participant will have the chance to:

  • Access the cutting-edge research, developments and clinical practices on Regional Anaesthesia, Perioperative Care, POCUS and Pain Therapy
  • Join a dedicated community to build connections, collaborations and friendships
  • Experience a fully interactive and fun virtual meeting this year

We look forward to hearing about innovation in Regional Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine, POCUS and Pain Therapy and rewarding the standout work with the distinction of the best form of the year!

Dive into the stimulating program with lectures and activities lead by experts in the field, and take advantage of the multidisciplinary professionals brought together to your screen, to enhance your knowledge!

If you are unable to join us live, the presentations will be available for 12 months afterwards, to everyone who registers!