Open Forum Day - 8 September (Virtual)

Regional Anaesthesia, Perioperative Care, and Pain Therapy markets are anticipated to expand at a massive growth, due to the increase in the number of surgical procedures performed worldwide, the increasing number of patients suffering from chronic pain, the increased related healthcare expenditure, technological advancements, patient affordability and rising awareness. This ESRA “Open Forum Day” that will take place on 8 September 2021 (in virtual format, just before the 2-day ESRA Virtual Congress), will focus on different areas of research, to offer scientific excellence in the aforementioned fields.

It is anticipated to be an exciting, insightful and engaging event, bringing together leading experts around the world, as well as stakeholders, to discuss novel approaches for better patient care. It will include a series of high-quality inspiring keynote presentations, interactive tutorials by world-renowned experts, as well as informative industry events. All will further enforce networking opportunities among KOL and attendees, giving the opportunity to discuss novel approaches and standards and facilitating progress towards better patient-oriented solutions.

The meeting aims to increase integrity and professionalism in research and everyday practice encompassing RA and Pain Therapy and its related aspects, including Perioperative Care. We hope this forum will cover different aspects of these promising topics and will come up with future recommendations to further your professional goals.

At the forefront of Excellence in Clinical Practice, we invite you to this must-attend event!