Highlight Sessions

Please find below some highlight sessions introduced by their moderators.

Thursday, 9 September
09:20 – 09:50
Track 2

Ambulatory surgery and Regional Anaesthesia: current trend and future directions

Featuring: A. Mac Farlane (UK) and X. Capdevila (France)

Thursday, 9 September
10:00 – 11:00
Track 3

Changes in pain medicine: New approaches

Featuring: J. de Andres (Spain), S. Hayek (USA), G. Chhabra (UK)

The field of interventional procedures for pain management is constantly growing and evolving. All techniques capable of modulating the activity of neural elements without ablating or injuring the nervous system are now included under the umbrella of neuromodulation. The flexibility of neuromodulation has allowed researchers to explore new applications and targets for such treatments. Thus, research in associated fields has greatly flourished in parallel with the increase in the number of clinical indications and studies using neuromodulation therapies.
To date, several other techniques have been used in the management of chronic pain patient, including epiduroscopy and vertebral augmentation. These tools have contributed not only to increasing our knowledge on how these treatments work but also to better understanding the pathophysiology of various neurological disorders.
In summary, this session will feature a whole set of technological advancements contributing to modulating neural activity and developments in neuroengineering that may lead to significant improvements in the interface between the neural tissue and hardware as well as in the equipment used for neuromodulation.

Thursday, 9 September
11:50 – 12:50
Track 1

RA & antithrombotic agents: A literature update

Featuring: E. Moka (Greece), T. Volk (Germany), B. Kironis (Ireland), A. Mac Farlane (UK)

The use of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents has been increasing, primarily, as a result of improved life expectancy, the aging population, increased prevalence of CV diseases and expansion of indications for more potent newer antithrombotics.
Anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs pose a significant challenge in patients who are being considered as candidates for RA.
New Guidelines & Expert Consensus are emerging for the safe perioperative application of RA in this patients’ group, and related clinical dilemmas still necessitate answers.
Improve your knowledge by registering to the 2021 ESRA Virtual Congress and make sure to join our Panel Discussion on Thursday, September 9th, for a literature update on RA and antithrombotic agents.
A great group of worldwide experts and KOL will

  • review current trends and newly published Guidelines on CNBs institution in the anticoagulated patient
  • highlight recent evidence on PNBs safe application in patients receiving antithrombotics
  • focus on the feasibility and risks of RA during the perioperative management of vascular patients on DOACs

We hope we can e-see you there!!!

Friday, 10 September
09:20 – 11:00
Track 1

Update on thoracic Blocks

Featuring: K.J. Chin (Canada), Manoj Karmakar (Hong Kong), J. Raft (France) , L. Valdes (Spain)

  • Serratus anterior plane blocks – does it matter if we inject superficial or deep to the serratus anterior muscle, and how do we decide when to do so?
  • Erector spinae plane (ESP) and other paraspinal blocks – where do we stand today with regard to their clinical applications and demonstrated analgesic efficacy?

For answers to these and other questions, join our experts Dr Manoj Karmakar (Hong Kong), Dr Julien Raft (France), Dr Luis Fernando Valdés Vilches (Spain), and Dr Ki Jinn Chin (Canada) for an exciting and thought-provoking session on thoracic blocks.

Friday, 10 September
09:50 – 10:50
Track 3

Cannabinoid : the next solution or the next pandemic?

Featuring D. Benhamou (France)

Are cannabinoids effective for chronic pain? Is it (should it be) a first line treatment?
Is its use dangerous?
Can I use it for perioperative pain? will it affect cognition and memory?
Do patients who are regular users of cannabis have different perioperative outcomes?
You will hear the answer to all these questions by attending this session
Hope to see you there!

Friday, 10 September
11:50 – 12:50
Track 2

ESRA – ASRA: Pacemaker to world standards

Featuring: A. Delbos (France), N. Elkassabanny (USA), L. Moran (Ireland)

ESRA and ASRA are leading societies in regional anesthesia.

As in recent years the cooperative spirit grew we are proud to share the latest results in this session.

Following the joint recommendations for the treatment of Covid-patients, consensus on minimum documentation standards and on the nomenclature of many described blocks will be presented. Looking forward to e-see you there!