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Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Martiou 25 & Paralia
Thessaloniki 546 46
Tel: +30 2310 895 800

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall was created in order to satisfy the need of the city for a venue that could house not only artistic, but also various other activities.

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall was built along the coast of the city, near the Posidonio Athletic Center of Thessaloniki, in an area of 18,000 sq. m., which was donated from the Greek State. The architectural pre-studies were bequeathed to the Thessaloniki Friends of Music Society from the “sister” Athens Friends Music Society, whereas the construction of the venue was financed in its entirety by national funds from the Ministry of Culture and Sciences as well as from EU funds of the 2nd Community Support Framework. The total cost of the venue complex was drachmas (41 million euros).

The purpose of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall construction was to provide a contemporary cultural and conference center of international standards with the capacity to host various events,including concerts, ballet, theatre and opera, cultural and art expositions and conferences.

It was thus designed as a building that would satisfy all the requirements for this purpose as well as becoming a landmark, a jewel for the city. Therefore, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall has all the characteristics that make it important: exceptional acoustics, a main hall of 1.400 seats, a reception hall (foyer), the rooms of the administrative and technical offices, as well as all the necessary facilities for the support of the events (dressing rooms, rehearsal studios, repositories for instruments etc.). Special provision exists for people with disabilities, by means of appropriate seats and elevators. Moreover, the external appearance of the building has been entirely harmonized with the history of Thessaloniki, combining elements from its byzantine past as well as from its contemporary cosmopolitan role.


The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is located on 25 Martiou Street, where it meets the waterfront, right next to the Posidonio Athletic Centre.

By airplane:

You can easily reach the Thessaloniki Concert Hall from the Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia by using the shuttle 1X and 1N, which leaves every 30 minutes. Get off at Thessaloniki 25 Martiou. It is a short walk of 8 minutes to the Concert Hall.

By bus:

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is in 100 meters distance from the bus stop “25th Martiou” where buses nos. 1X / 3Κ / 5 / 6 pass and in 200 meters distance from the bus stop “25th Martiou” where bus no. 30 passes. For more information, please visit: https://oasth.gr/#en/

By taxi:

At the Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, taxis are available in front of the arrivals hall to take you to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, which is only 13km far and takes around 12min. The cost will range from EUR 10.00-15.00.

You can always find a taxi at the taxi station right in front of the entrance of the Concert Hall.

Phone: +30 2310 895800

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